KC16 FLIPPED CBD & THC Disposable vaporizer


FLIPPED CBD & THC Disposable vaporizer

FLIPPED CBD&THC Disposable vaporizer with ceramic coil head, 100%Cotton-Free All-in-One Disposable Vaporizer
100%Cotton-Free Ceramic Heating Element


– Higher Explosive Force-Produce vapor faster with lower temperature – Central heating & large heating surface ensure vaporiing high viscosity oil efficientyly -Achieve the highest porosity and deliver nothing but the most natural flavor of your juice & massive smoke 1) Heating tech and low resistance: Support with a wide range of oil, thick oil/ thin oil, offer you pure taste and big vapor

2) Lockable structure: Special lockable mouthpeice, prevent from refill

3) No lead material: Eco-friendly material, passed heavy metal testing

4) Color/ light/ shape of window can be cutomized according to your design, highlight brand characteristics

5) Rechargeable battery port, 100% make sure finishing all oil

Oil Tank 1.0ml
Oil Filling Top Filling
Puffs About 300
Weight 19.5g
Battery 270mAh
Resistance 1.8
Size 22*95*11.5mm