KC-P40I/C05 (0.5ML) C10(1.0ML)

Acute POD Vape

  • ButtonActivated
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Aluminum AlloyHousing and PCTG Tank
  • Button Operation
  • 5 clicks on the button to turn on/off the device.
  • 2clicks to activate 15s preheat mode.
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Short circuit protection is triggered when the device is enabled. LED indicator stays on for 2 seconds.
  • Over Current Protection
  • The device trips and breaks the circuit when an over current is detected. LED indicator stays on for 2 seconds.
  • Timeout Protection
  • The device will stop working in case of exceeding 10 seconds and stop preheating when exceeding 15 seconds. LED indicator flashes 2
  • Charging
  • LED indicator flashes 10 times when the battery is too low, and there will be no response when the battery has completely run out.
  • LED indicator fades in and out when charging and stays on when fully charged.